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    Why Natura Veda?

    Natura Veda’s Moringa-infused products revitalize skin with anti-aging nutraceuticals that protect and heal, as well as penetrate deeply to stimulate the renewal process for more resilient, glowing skin.

    We are committed to bringing you the best Mother Nature has to offer. Our products use only all natural ingredients to promote healthy skin. Natura Veda skin care products use two highly effective luxurious oils from nature: Moringa oil and Sacha Inchi oil. They complement each other in rejuvenating and repairing your skin while protecting it from further damage. 

    Natura Veda skin care formulations nourish your skin. We all know that consuming healthy foods nourishes your body and slows the aging process. Alternatively, adding antioxidants and other powerful nutrients to skin care products allows your skin to absorb what it needs to be healthy and more youthful.

    Our formulations come to you in airless pumps, so we don’t need preservatives. No air means no mold and no bacteria. This technology allows Natura Veda to deliver nourishing goodness that is naturally clean.

    Many beauty products contain preservatives and toxic and carcinogenic compounds that can enter the body through its largest organ – the skin. Natura Veda formulations NEVER include harmful chemicals. Learn more


    Why Moringa Oil?

    The Moringa tree, native to the Himalayas, is nutrient dense and packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals. The oil from Moringa seeds is an excellent emollient and cleansing oil. With an incredible oleic acid content of 72%, Moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin, carrying vital nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories with it. Moringa oil is rich in vitamin A, minerals, fatty acids, oleic acids, and behenic acids. It easily absorbs into your skin without feeling greasy. Moringa oil delivers  the nourishment your skin needs to repair and sustain itself.





    Why Sacha Inchi Oil?

    Sacha Inchi, which is grown in the Amazon, contains the most Omega 3 fatty acids of any plant. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital to healthy hair and skin. They help regulate oil production, keep skin elastic and hydrated, protect against sun damage, and help repair damage when it occurs. Sacha Inchi is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it can help improve difficult skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.