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Natura Veda Product Spotlight: Hydrating Mist and Toner

On a hot summer’s day, a cool mist is a refreshing way to recharge and hydrate your skin.  If an ocean breeze and a mist of sea spray aren’t possible, Natura Veda has the next best thing.  Our Hydrating Mist and Toner is like a spritz of bliss to your face during the summertime heat. 

We’ve all been there:  In the summer months, simply walking from indoors to your car can cause you to break out in dripping sweat.  You’ve just showered, done your makeup and you smell fantastic until you feel the sun.  Re-showering isn’t an option, but a cool mist of nutrients and hydration is the perfect solution to this summertime conundrum. 

Natura Veda’s Hydrating Mist and Toner contains 72 essential plant trace minerals and other all-natural skin-loving nutrients to energize your skin on even the warmest days.  First, a refreshing mist will help cool your body temperature immediately.  Sweat mixed with makeup and other facial products can cause clogged pores so keeping your face cool and clean all day will help avoid blemishes and outbreaks.  Washing your face constantly throughout the day can dry out your skin, creating additional skin problems.  But a cool mist is just enough moisture to calm your sweats and help you quickly restore a normal body temperature.  Plus, this Hydrating Mist and Toner can minimize the appearance pores for a more even look and smooth texture. 

With dozens of phyto-nutrients to help strengthen the natural barrier of your facial skin, our Hydrating Mist and Toner also supports more radiant skin all day long.  Washing and moisturizing in the morning and at night are a healthy part of your skin care routine but your skin needs a little love throughout the day too.  By delivering additional nutrients through our Hydrating Mist and Toner, you are keeping your skin nourished and supple between washes and allowing nutrients to repair and invigorate skin more consistently.  The unique blend of minerals, silica, fulvic acid, plant sulfur and essential oils keep skin firm, tight and toned. 

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane as it is formally called is an organic sulfur compound found in many foods.  When applied topically MSM offers extreme moisture and elasticity to skin.  It is a natural healing agent due to its many anti-inflammatory properties so it can address and reduce inflammation, redness and infection on skin.  MSM is deft at permeating deeply into layers of skin to help hydrate and nourish younger cells beneath the surface.  Additionally, MSM can help reduce age spots, scaring and sun damage as it has a brightening effect on skin, especially when combined with other nutrients. 

To use our Hydrating Mist and Toner simply hold the easy-to-use spray bottle about 5 inches from your face.  Spritz yourself two or three times moving the bottle to ensure moisture reaches each area of your face.  Prime your skin for maximum nutritional intake in the morning after washing and before moisturizing.  Then use the Hydrating Mist and Toner several times throughout the day on top of moisturizers and makeup.

We hope you and your skin enjoy our cool drink of nutrients this summer!

Your Weekly Skin Care Routine Guide

What you do for your skin on a daily and weekly basis can have a great impact on the quality, texture and appearance of your skin.  With minimal effort you can transform your skin through your skin care routines. 

Earlier this week we shared best practices for daily skin care and today we have your weekly skin care routine checklist.

Weekly Skin Care Checklist:  What to do for your Skin Every Week

Exfoliate:  Daily cleaning can only reach so deep into pores, but exfoliation can loosen and purify further by sloughing off dead skin cells, killing bacteria and detoxifying skin.  Exfoliation encourages new, fresher cells to the surface, which brightens your complexion, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin tone for an overall younger looking appearance.  Our Apricot Exfoliant uses Jojoba and Apricot beads to gently scrub your skin while delivering skin-softening plant sulfurs, antioxidants and essential oils including Moringa oil and Sunflower oil.  Exfoliate twice a week for more radiant, invigorated skin.

Deep Cleaning Clay Mask:  If you thought you could only get a professional grade mask at the spa, think again.  Clay masks are one of the simplest ways to draw out impurities and detoxify skin.  Bentonite, Kaolin and Marine clays are among the best deep cleaning agents as the bond with bacteria and other toxins and extract them from your skin.  Our Moringa-Infused Deep Cleaning Mask contains these three clays along with plant sulfur, Moringa oil and a range of other phyto-nutrients that replenish skin with nourishment for a soft, clean and glowing look.  In just 10 minutes once a week our Moringa-Infused Deep Cleaning Mask allows your skin to drink in nutrients and moisture and stimulates blood flow.  Rinse before the mask becomes hard to avoid dryness. 

Extreme Moisture:  Your Natura Veda Daytime and Night Time Moisturizing Creams go a long way but sometimes our skin needs an extra sip to quench its thirst.  This is especially true in extreme weather, such as the bitterly dry winter months or the sunny summer months.  Also, activities like flying, drinking alcohol or consuming too much salt dry out our skin.  To combat extreme dryness you’ll need an extreme moisturizer like our all natural Botanical Elixir.  It contains Moringa Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil, the perfect combination for healing stressed, dry skin due to its high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, oleic acids and antioxidants. 

Address Skin Issues:  On a weekly basis you should evaluate your skin to identify any changes.  Look for moles that have changed in size, color or shape and blemishes, dryness or other skin problems that might not notice when you’re rushing through your daily routines.  Addressing skin issues early can help resolve them before they exacerbate into larger skin conditions. 

Eat Omega-3s:  Essential fatty acids like Omega-3s are tremendous assets for your skin and entire body.  Omega-3s protect cell membranes that allow healthy nutrients into cells and block harmful substances from entering.  Omega-3s also encourage moisture retention for softer, smoother skin.  Fish such as tuna and salmon are high in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as nuts like walnuts and oils including canola oil. 

Relax:  Stress takes a toll on skin just like lack of sleep, sun exposure and poor skin care.  Ensure you have time to relax several times a week.  Relaxing means different things to different people.  Whatever you choose to do to relax, make sure it takes your mind off your daily stressors and calms your body. 

Keep up this weekly skin care routine for radiant skin every week of the year!

Your Daily Skin Care Routine Guide

While some of how our skin looks is left to the fate of our genetics, we can also exert some control through our daily and weekly skin care routines.  As the most vulnerable outer organ of our bodies, skin should be treated as delicately and carefully as we do our heart, lungs and brain.  That means nourishing skin with the best, wholesome ingredients, protecting it from environmental dangers and continuously stimulating fresh and rejuvenated skin from within.

Your daily and weekly skin care routine can reinvigorate your look and even reverse some of the negative effects of aging that tend to settle in on the face.  Natura Veda’s daily and weekly skin care routine guide is ideal for all skin types and can help turn dull, sagging skin into vibrant, youthful skin in just a few weeks.  Today we’re starting with our daily skin care checklist and later this week we’ll share weekly skin care tips. 

Daily Skin Care Checklist:  What to do for your Skin Every Day

Cleanse:  Cleaning your skin removes dirt, sweat and oil from the surface of your face and clogged in your pores.  Our Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser contains nonabrasive all natural anti-microbial ingredients such as coconut oil, plant glycerin and aloe vera to keep skin clean, supple and hydrated.  Also remember, never sleep in makeup!  A good cleanser should be able to remove your makeup without an added makeup remover but try pure Moringa oil or Olive oil for lingering makeup spots.

Cool Mist:  Especially in summer months, a cool mist of nutraceuitcals is just what your face needs to hydrate, refresh and recharge.  Our unique Hydrating Mist and Toner can be used several times throughout the day to give your skin a boost of energy.

Moisturize:  All living things need water to thrive so if you want your skin to look its best, moisturize your skin every morning and every night.  Moisturizing not only hydrates skin cells directly and delivers vital nutrients where it matters most, it also helps protect your skin by supporting cells and forming a barrier against microbes.  Our Daily Moisturizing Cream and Night Time Repair Cream are both infused with Moringa for maximum nourishment around the clock.  Each contains important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phyto-nutrients that stimulate cell turnover, regeneration and the production of skin-firming collagen and elastin.

Sun Protection:  The sun is the leading cause of premature skin aging, so protecting your skin from the sun is essential.  The rules of great skin include sun safety.  That means wearing sun screen every time you are in the sun, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Also, wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses, seek shade whenever possible and try to avoid exposure during peak midday sun hours.

Hydrate:  Drinking plenty of water helps flush out skin cells and your entire body. Water makes up 75% of our bodies but constantly needs to be replenished to keep our bodies functioning properly. 

Eat Well:  A daily diet full of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin and whole body looking younger.  Antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E found in many berries and cruciferous vegetables are among the best choices for beautiful skin. 

Sleep:  Even slacking on one night’s sleep can set your skin in a tizzy.  Sleep is the time when our entire bodies and skin are restoring, repairing and reenergizing for the next day.  Lack of sleep causes dark circles and under eye bags and slows the production of collagen.  Also, tired skin cannot retain moisture and nutrients like well-rested skin.  Sleep is crucial to your daily beauty routine.

With Natura Veda’s 5-Step Skin Care System you can easily achieve brighter, healthier and more youthful-looking skin from your daily skin care routine. Later this week we’ll be expanding on our checklist to include all the skin care practices you should be doing on a weekly basis. 

The Effects of Chlorine and Salt Water on Skin

Summertime is the season for swimming!  On a hot summer day, nothing can beat a cool dip in the pool or ocean.  But what’s lurking in your swimming water that could damage your skin?  The truth is both chlorine and salt have varying degrees of harmfulness when your skin is exposed to either one in excess. 

Chlorine and Skin

Chlorine is a chemical element used to keep pools sanitary.  Water, especially warm water like a sun-heated pool, breeds bacteria that can be dangerous to our bodies.  The role of chlorine in pools is to kill the bacteria; however it can also irritate skin.  Chlorine is twice as likely to damage skin as saltwater simply because it is a strong chemical.  It has to be to kill all those microbes.  Chlorine can have varying degrees of irritation ranging from dryness and itchiness, to rashes and burns. 

If you have any control over the chlorine in pools where you are swimming, try using a lower concentration of chlorine to avoid a negative reaction.  For those who have an extreme response to chlorine, you may want to seek out salt water or saline pools, or stick to swimming in the ocean. 

When you do swim in a chlorine pool, be sure to wash your body with anti-bacterial soap before and after swimming.  This will help remove sweat from your body before swimming and wash away sweat and excess chlorine after swimming.  When sweat and chlorine interact they form a harmful chemical called chloramine that can be even more harmful to skin.  Be especially cautious around your face.  Using an anti-microbial face wash like our Gentle Foaming Face Wash will help keep facial skin sweat and chlorine free. 

When you’re not swimming apply lotions and oils that will help prevent chlorine from penetrating deeply into your skin.  Our Natura Veda Daytime and Nighttime Moisturizers are an excellent choice because they contain nourishing Moringa Oil with a variety of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamins including skin-healing Vitamin C as well as coconut oil, a natural anti-microbial agent.  After swimming, moisturize your entire body to keep skin cells hydrated and be sure to flush your body by drinking plenty of water.

Salt Water and Skin

Salt water is generally viewed as a more healthful option for skin, the ocean being the top body of water to achieve skin benefits.  There are even therapies that involve submersion in the ocean for increased health and wellness.  While it can be drying, that can actually be helpful if you have oily or acne-prone skin.  Salt water helps draw out toxins, open pores and cleanses skin.  Through gentle exfoliation, salt water can even prime skin for more hydration and moisture retention.  Salt water supports better circulation and a stronger immune system as well, both of which can improve skin health. 

Even with the benefits of salt water for skin, moisturization afterwards is key to locking in its advantages, especially on your face.  If you’re planning to return to the sun the same day, Natura Veda’s Moringa Infused Daily Moisturizing Cream is ideal.  If you’re headed in for the night, try our Moringa Infused Night Time Repair Cream for extreme overnight hydration, nourishment and skin cell stimulation.

The Effects of Flying on Skin

Summer vacations are just around the corner and we hope you have some fun trips planned.  As you head off on your summer getaways via airplane, beware of the effects of flying on your skin.  Flying does all sorts of funky things to our bodies but have you ever noticed adverse reactions on your skin too?  Yes, one of the pitfalls of flying is skin damage and today we’re exploring ways to combat it.

The worst skin issue due to flying is loss of moisture.  The cabin pressure and dry air that is constantly being re-circulated on an airplane is a nightmare for skin.  We are used to around 40% humidity in our air but airplanes maintain between 10 to 20%.  That’s a huge difference!  Along with drying our skin, lack of humidity dries our nasal passages, mouth and eyes as well. 

To combat dry skin on your next airplane trip, take a two-fold approach.  First, drink plenty of water to hydrate your body.  You probably notice that flight attendants are constantly drinking water to keep themselves hydrated.  They know what they are doing and you should do it too!  Avoid alcohol and caffeine while flying as these can further dehydrate your body and skin. 

Additionally, soothe dryness topically with an extra-strength moisturizer before, during and after flights.  Be sure to use lip balm and eye drops too.  Natura Veda’s Hyaluronic Acid Day Serum is ideal for jetsetters as it replaces the body’s natural storage of this vital aid.  Hyaluronic acid is responsible for moisture retention that plumps cells to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, water is required for all normal cell functions to keep our bodies and skin healthy.  The thin skin on your lips are extremely sensitive to humidity changes and when you’re rubbing irritated, itchy eyes, you are more prone to dark under eye circles, sagging under eye bags and overall redness around the eye sockets. 

Skin is further affected by the air pressure on airplanes as less oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream.  We know that oxygen is required for energy to power our cells.  Without it, our bodies look and feel tired, especially our skin.  Blood flow helps invigorate skin for a more radiant and refreshed appearance.  Lack of oxygen can leave skin dull and more likely to show the signs of aging.  Be sure to walk around periodically during your flight and try to stretch your body to get your blood flowing.

You may also have noticed that your taste buds are affected by flying.  On an airplane, we are less likely to taste saltiness and sweetness.  This can lead to mindless eating or over-eating sodium that can be very dehydrating to skin.  Try to let your brain make food selections on an airplane rather than your taste buds so you can remain conscious of your sugar and salt intake.  Also, you’re more likely to taste spicy and sour foods so if you’re looking for a burst of flavor, try those instead.

New research indicates that flight attendants and pilots are more likely to develop carcinoma than others who fly less often.  This is because airplane windows don’t block the sun’s harmful UV rays that are even stronger at higher altitudes.  So, if you are a frequent flyer and you prefer a window seat, beware of keeping the window open too long.  And wear your sunscreen even on an airplane.

Keep these solutions in mind next time you hop on a plane.  Wherever you’re going, we hope you enjoy your summer vacations! 

Eat Your Way to Great Skin

Natura Veda is here to help ensure your skin is beautiful by offering the best skin-loving topical ingredients in our collection of all natural skin care products.  However, creating radiant skin from the outside is only one side of the story.  The other essential component of great skin care is a healthy, nutrient-rich diet that will enhance skin cells from the inside out. 

Many factors beyond what we put on our skin affect our skin quality.  Just like sleep, stress and environmental influences have an impact on skin, so does our diet.  Fortunately, we have the opportunity to improve our skin by consuming a nutritious and wholesome diet full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and healthy fats.  If that sounds a lot like our Natura Veda skin care product formula to you, you would be exactly right!  Many of the same dietary nutrients necessary for fabulous skin can and should be used topically.  This dual nutrient approach will keep your skin glowing for years to come.

So what are the best foods for beautiful skin?  We’re so glad you asked.

Moringa:  Of course our top pick for skintastic foods is Moringa.  With over 90 phyto-nutrients that nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin, Moringa is the superfoods of all superfoods.  That’s why it is the basis for our Natura Veda skin care line and should also be a part of your healthy diet.  Beyond the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in Moringa, it also contains Zeatin, a rare nutrient that encourages cell turnover to ensure fresh, vibrant skin cells are constantly rising to the surface.  While Moringa trees may not grow in your area, it is easy to incorporate Moringa into your diet through Moringa Powder, Moringa Tea, Moringa Extract or daily Moringa capsule supplements.  Nourished cells are happy cells and if you’re happy and you know it, your skin will surely show it!

Essential Fatty Acids:  Healthy fats such mono and poly unsaturated fats are critical to healthy skin.  Essential fatty acids including Omega-3s and Omega-6s support cell membranes responsible for guarding what enters and exits cells.  Strong cell membranes allow nutrients in and retain moisture while keeping toxins out and expelling waste.  Essential fatty acids specifically help hydrate skin, reduce inflammation and stave off blemishes.  The best sources of essential fatty acids include fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna, walnuts, cooking oils and whole grains. 

Antioxidants:  One of the qualifying factors of superfoods is their antioxidant potency.  Antioxidants combat free radicals that threaten the health and integrity of our cells, including skin cells.  Free radicals are environmental byproducts that can mutate cellular DNA, which leads to disease, a lowered immune system and premature aging.  Antioxidants such as Vitamin C in our diet, combined with those naturally found in our body and antioxidant-rich skin care products, can reverse the effects of free radicals to keep skin younger, firmer and healthier.  Get your antioxidants through a variety of berries – including blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates, Acai, raspberries and grapes – as well as nuts, beans, dark chocolate, olive oil and green leafy (cruciferous) vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli. 

Water and Water-Based Fruits and Vegetables:  Our bodies are 75% water, which makes this pure, basic substance a very important component of healthy cells.  Hydrated cells function better, act younger and look fuller.  Dehydration is one of the worst mistakes you can make for your skin and one of the easiest things to combat.  Drink plenty of water (8-12 eight oz. servings daily) along with water-based fruits and veggies like watermelon, grapes, oranges, celery, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. 

Herbal Tea:  Sipping in your nutrients throughout the day is a great way to go, especially if you choose herbal teas.  Green tea and Moringa tea are among the best options because they deliver a ton of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that protect, heal and calm skin.  The act of drinking tea also relaxes the body, which reduces stress that can have a negative effect on skin.  Also, caffeinated green tea and decaffeinated Moringa tea both give the body a burst of energy and keeps oxygenated blood flowing to skin surfaces all over the body. 

Eat up these amazing nutrients for brighter, healthier skin!

Skin Care during Pregnancy

What you put in your body and on your body during pregnancy is of considerable importance.  While you are housing and nourishing another life in your womb, you also have to ensure your body remains healthy and strong to sustain your precious baby.  You’re probably making adjustments to your diet during pregnancy and you should consider doing the same for your skin. 

You may think that topical skin care is all about your external skin organ but it goes much deeper than that.  What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body directly into your blood stream and carried throughout your body.  As we have discussed, many skin care products, personal care items and cosmetics contain harmful toxins that are absorbed into your body.  While taking this risk may not have bothered you before, during pregnancy you might think twice about what you are “feeding” your skin and therefore your baby. 

While the FDA does not regulate most over-the-counter skin, beauty and personal care products, most dermatologist and OBGYNs agree that there are certain ingredients moms-to-be should avoid during pregnancy.  Most of them are synthetic chemicals that can be powerful but harmful to mother and baby.  These include salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that help dry up oily patches and clear acne.  Also, prescription acne antibiotics like acutane should be avoided during pregnancy as its combination of ingredients is too harsh for a growing baby. 

Most natural skin care ingredients are safe during pregnancy, including many of our Natura Veda skin care system products.  After all, we’re capturing the best of nature and bottling it up for your skin and overall wellbeing.  There is one exception, however.  Although they have not proven to be dangerous when used topically, retinoids or retinol should be avoided during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  Retinol is a powerful natural form of Vitamin A that works as an anti-wrinkle, age-defying agent.  While no side effects have been reported, OBGYNs exercise caution with even this all-natural ingredient.  (This shows how powerful nature can be, but still better left for after pregnancy!)

Ok, so what’s a mom-to-be to do when she wants to magnify her pregnancy glow and minimize fine lines, wrinkles, pregnancy spots and stretch marks?  Stick to nature, that’s what!  Antioxidants are a mighty defense against the effects of aging.  They help nourish cells for a fuller appearance and increased cellular turnover.  Vitamin C is among the best topical antioxidants for radiant skin and it’s a major ingredient in our Natura Veda skin care line.  With Moringa oil and other botanical and phyto-nutrients, Natura Veda’s natural skin care products are exactly what expectant moms need to maintain their beauty routines during pregnancy. 

Also, cleaning and moisturizing skin twice daily are essential for gorgeous skin during pregnancy.  Hormones may throw your skin off balance, but replenishing nutrients and healing skin deep into the epidermis can help combat pregnancy acne, rosacea, discoloration, stretch marks and dryness. Our Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Moringa-Infused Daily Moisturizing Cream are excellent for use all over the body.  New moms should also exfoliate with our Apricot Exfoliant several times a week to slough off dead skin cells and encourage fresh cells to rise to the surface.  Additionally, sunscreen is recommended during pregnancy although some sunscreen actives may bother a new mom’s sensitive skin.  Try a natural mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide ant titanium dioxide instead. 

The jury is still out on the use of cosmetics during pregnancy.  Many natural mamas choose to go “naked” to avoid the unregulated heavy metals that intentionally and unintentionally infiltrate make-up.  It’s a personal choice but consider eliminating or reducing your use of cosmetics at this critical time of development for your baby. 



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