Acne Part 2: Treatments for Acne

Acne is no fun for anyone, whether you’re a budding teenager, a expectant mother or well into your golden years.  There are many treatments for acne, some extreme and abrasive, others more gentle and natural.  At Natura Veda, we take the natural approach because we know that treating skin with the same nutrients we would put inside our bodies is the best way to care for our body’s largest organ. 

Dermatologists recommend a variety of treatments for acne based on the severity and persistence of the case.  Acne treatments should help control outbreaks, reduce the appearance of pimples, prevent breakouts to a certain extent, help protect from scarring and skin damage, and make existing scars less noticeable. 

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter acne treatment options found at supermarkets and drug stores contain toxic ingredients.  Their goal is to zap those pesky pimples away for good, but they can not only damage skin, but also increase body toxicity which weakens immune systems and leaves people at higher risk for disease.  These ingredients commonly include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfer and azelaic acid.  Even more abrasive treatments for acne include oral or topical antibiotics, steroids, light therapy, contraceptives, chemical peals or microderm abrasion. 

At Natura Veda, we believe most acne cases can be managed through a fabulous skin care regimen, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle:

Natural Skin Care Treatments for Acne

Using a variety of cleansing and moisturizing products that include skin-loving and acne-reducing nutrients is vital.  The best nutrients to reduce acne are vitamins A, C and E.  Many prescription and OTC treatments include these natural ingredients, but throw in toxic ingredients as well.  We stick to pure nature and formulate our products with these ingredients through natural oils including Moringa oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and sea buckthorn oil. 

Moringa is especially rich in vitamins A, C and E, which are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that support healthy skin therefore making these ingredients ideal for daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  Vitamin A contains retinoids that naturally improve skin tone, reduces inflammation and help fade skin scars and spots.  Vitamin C is an all-powerful antioxidant that maintains skin firmness as well as protects skin from sun damage and infection.  Vitamin E also protects and evens skin as an antioxidant.  Additionally, a regular regimen of exfoliation will extract dirt, oil and dead skin cells from pores, keeping them clean and fresh and deterring bacteria growth.  A weekly skin mask will also draw out microbes to detoxify skin, replacing them with vitamins, minerals and natural oils that will encourage healthy skin on the surface and beneath.

At night when skin is away from environmental and sun exposure, we recommend a slightly stronger all-natural ingredient called retinol.  Combined with the other neutraceuticals, therapeutic retinol is the strongest non-prescription organic ingredient for skin repair.  Our Age-Defying Moringa-Infused Nighttime Repair Skin Cream and Eye Serum allow these natural powerful ingredients to absorb deeply into skin for overnight treatment of acne and overall skin rejuvenation, including increased elasticity and firmness. 

Dietary Treatments for Acne

Eating a healthy diet will encourage skin health from the inside, out.  The same topical nutrients that help reduce acne – vitamins, A, C, E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories – are great for your skin care diet as well.  These can be achieved through a diet rich in lean proteins (plant-based proteins are best!), whole grains and fruits and veggies.  Yes, it is important to eat ALL of these foods, but you can also supplement with a daily multi-vitamin like Moringa capsules.  Or try drinking in some of your daily nutrients with Moringa tea.  Probiotics can also help regulate the bacteria in the digestive tract.  It will support good bacteria that attack harmful bacteria and fungus and can lead to acne.  Also, people who have been prescribed many courses of antibiotics in their lifetime may have less flora (good bacteria), which can be replaced through probiotics.

Healthy Lifestyle Treatments for Acne

No one knows your skin like you do.  And you also know what triggers your acne outbreaks.  Make a conscious effort to avoid things that cause your acne.  Think about the foods, stressors and environmental factors that contribute to breakouts.  Clean off cell phones, purses and backpacks regularly as they may transfer bacteria to skin.  Wash clothes and pillow cases in hot water to kill germs.  Wash your face with Natura Veda’s Foaming Facial Cleanser at morning and night, as well as after exercise or when you’ve been in a particular windy or dirty environment that could blow dust and debris into your face.  Also, take good care of your skin by avoiding toxic products and prolonged sun exposure.  And don’t forget to get plenty of beauty rest!

Getting rid of acne is not an overnight process.  It starts with a long-term natural skin care regimen, healthy diet and smart lifestyle choices.  Treatments for acne don’t have to be extreme.  With the right formula, nature can clear up and prevent most acne cases. 

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz