The Importance of Amino Acids for Skin

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and thus a fundamental part of overall health and the health of our skin.  Without proteins our cells would not be able to heal, grow, divide, maintain their structure and help bodies perform all necessary life-sustaining functions including metabolizing food for nutrients and energy. 

Amino acids are divided into two categories:  essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce themselves so they must be obtained through food, and nonessential amino acids that our bodies can synthesize under normal conditions.  It’s important to maintain a balance of all 23 amino acids to ensure every bodily function is properly supported to do its job in the body.  Just like a game of dominos, if one amino acid is off-kilter, it can cause the others to go astray and can create problems for our organs, blood, brain, digestion and all areas the body that amino acids help regulate.

At the core of amino acids and beautiful skin is the metabolism.  Amino acids are required to keep the metabolic process delivering nutrients, oxygen and even immune defense mechanisms through cells all over the body.  This includes skin cells, where a lack of these vital elements can take a toll quickly with much visibility.  As our outer most layer, the effects of poor health and aging are most apparent on the skin.  An accurate balance of amino acids nourish, repair and strengthen skin by keeping it smooth and firm, as well as reduce scaring, stretching and discoloration. 

There are several key factors to younger-looking skin.  The first is collagen, the fibrous proteins (or peptides) that give cells their structure.  As we age, collagen production slows, which results in sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.  Amino acids, however, help boost collagen production.  When combined, the amino acids proline, glycine, leucine and lysine help build collagen. They naturally exfoliate and hydrate skin, and protect it as an antioxidant-like formula. 

Another important aspect of skin health is creatine.  The amino acids arginine and methionine are responsible for generating creatine by making carnitine to energize the metabolism and increase cell production.  Creatine concentrates in cells with high turnover, which includes skin cells.  But aging and exposure to free radicals causes cells growth and division to slow.  These degraded cells become weak and the signs of aging appear on skin. With the help of creatine, connective tissue, cells and metabolism of the skin are improved.

Additionally, a healthy immune system combined with regular intake of antioxidants helps protect and heal cells from damaging foreign substances like free radicals.  They also help flush out toxins that may have harmful effects on our skin and entire bodies.  An important part of detoxification is not having excess fat storage where toxins like to hide.  That’s why a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight are important in preventing a variety of diseases.  And in this case, it can also improve your skin.  

Radiant skin requires a healthy dose of amino acids on from the inside and outside.  That means a diet rich in protein is important to ensure you have the delicate balance of amino acids working to improve skin internally.  The best amino acid protein sources include lean meats (such as chicken, pork and less fatty cuts of beef), seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and plant-based proteins like quinoa, beans, tofu and Moringa. 

After consuming a skin-loving diet rich in protein and amino acids, you’ll need to nurture skin topically with a blend amino acid skin products.  Natura Veda’s line of skin care products is an amino acid powerhouse.  The basis of our unique skin care line is Moringa, which is a complete source of all 23 amino acids.  Moringa also has one of the highest plant-based antioxidant potencies on the planet, as well as many other immune-boosting nutrients. 

At Natura Veda, we understand the importance of internal and external nutrition for skin.  That’s why we use nature’s best phyto-nutrient ingredients and our Moringa-based amino acid formula to support your very best skin. 

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz