Moringa + Zeatin = Beautiful Skin

Moringa is one of the most phenomenal plants known to man.  It has nearly 100 nutrients that support healthy bodies and is used worldwide to prevent and treat over 300 diseases.  As you probably know, what’s good for our insides is also good for our outer layer, our skin.  Perhaps one of the most astounding benefits of Moringa for skin is that it’s the world’s leading source of the anti-aging nutrient Zeatin. 

The powerful anti-aging nutrients of Zeatin are undeniable.  Zeatin is part of a family of plant hormones known as cytokinins that help cellular growth and slow the aging process.  They act very much like antioxidants.  Cytokinins work by causing cells to divide before they become too large.  For our skin, this is incredibly helpful because approximately 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells die every minute.  When cells divide faster than old cells die, the result is fresher, more youthful skin cells, less wrinkles and a delayed aging process.  And no other plant can create this change the way that Moringa can.  That’s why Moringa is the base ingredient for our Natura Veda skin care line.

Most of the amazing information we have about Zeatin and anti-aging comes from a study out of Denmark.  Researchers were able to prove that Zeatin delays biochemical modifications in human cells.  The study shows that Zeatin-treated cells kept their youthful characteristics longer – they were able to maintain their composition, shape, protein balance and genetic synthesis.  This has an incredible impact on our internal aging too, including degenerative brain diseases caused by the build-up of proteins in the body.    

As you may have guessed, Zeatin is a helpful anti-cancer nutrient as well.  Zeatin protects cells against oxidation.  When cells undergo oxidative stress from free radicals, tumors can form.  These altered cells can spread quickly leading to various forms of cancer.  Zeatin helps cells resist environmental stressors and supports healthy cellular function and regeneration.  For this reason as well as the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antibiotic properties in this “Miracle tree,” Moringa is hailed as a cancer preventative plant. 

Moreover, Zeatin has proved no toxic effects to skin cells and skin growth, even for long-term use.  Zeatin shows the ability to decompose and filter out toxins, including countering free radicals, without any negative side-effects.  Studies have determined it is not a harmful ingredient in skincare and not carcinogenic because it doesn’t interfere with genetic code.  In this era of permitting synthetic toxicity in millions of products within small doses, Zeatin is a diamond in the rough. 

Moringa is one of the only remaining natural sources of Zeatin.  Depending on where Moringa is cultivated in the world, it can have a Zeatin content anywhere from 5mcg to 200 mcg/g of leaves.  The most effective Zeatin concentration for skin is 80 microM. 

Natura Veda brings nature’s spectacular nutrients to your skin.  Some of these nutrients are common and others like Zeatin can only be found in the most miraculous of sources.  Our very own USDA Certified Organic Moringa is the world’s best source of Zeatin to keep your skin looking and feeling younger.  Let Moringa with powerful Zeatin be your anti-aging superfood skin care ingredient. 


Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz