Winter Skin Care: Protecting Skin from Dryness and Burns

Like our moods, the weather has an effect on our skin.  Extreme weather is particularly rough on skin, whether it’s from very hot or very cold temperatures.  As we all hunker down for a cold winter, it’s important to protect our skin from the elements.  In wintertime that includes combating cold air that dries our skin, as well as potential damage from the sun’s reflection.

In many areas of the U.S. and the world, winter months are usually marked by low humidity in the air.  While the lack of humidity may be good at calming your hair frizz, it’s not good at all for your skin.  Radiant, supple skin requires moisture and when there isn’t much in the air our skin is exposed to daily, it starts to dry, flake and crack.  Many people with more sensitive skin experience extreme irritation or eczema flare ups during the winter months due to low humidity. 

The very best way to protect skin from cold, dry winter air is to lock in moisture with daily and nightly moisturizers.  In general dermatologists recommend light-weight non-pore-clogging oil-based moisturizers because they are most effective this time of year.  We take that notion one step further and propose Moringa oil-based moisturizers for two primary reasons:  First, Moringa has a high oleic acid content, which allows it to penetrate deeply into layers of skin.  When moisturization occurs beyond the surface layers, deeper skin cells stay hydrated and are healthier when they rise to the top.  Additionally, Moringa contains a wide-array of healing and hydrating nutrients that restores skin to its naturally moisturized state, despite the weather.  With a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and amino acids, Moringa is one of the best all-natural sources of phyto-nutrients for skin. 

Natura Veda’s Moringa-Infused Daily Moisturizing Skin Cream is the perfect defense against harsh winter weather.  We recommend applying it twice daily when exposed to wind and cold, dry air to build a barrier against moisture-depriving elements.  With a Moringa oil base and a blend of Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil and Sea Buckthorn oil, our “barely there” light-weight cream not only protects against winter weather, it also firms and tones skin.  At night, we recommend Natura Veda Age-Defying Moringa-Infused Nighttime Repair Cream.  This cream is the ultra-moisturization that your skin needs to stay fresh and supple during the winter, all the while encouraging skin cell renewal to reduce the signs of aging.  In addition to Moringa, our nighttime cream contains Sacha Inchi oil and retinol, two powerful hydration and anti-aging ingredients that will help you avoid dull winter skin and welcome bright, shiny skin no matter the season.

Beyond moisturization, there are some other great steps you can take to protect your skin in the winter.  Unfortunately, we’re dealt a double-whammy in the winter with the dryness outside from the cold and dryness inside from turning up the heat.  Use a humidifier to add some moisture to the air and therefore your skin.  Be sure to drink a lot of water to keep cells hydrated from the inside too.  Don’t use any skin care products that may dry out your skin, such as alcohol-based astringents and keep all body parts, not just your face, moisturized with oil-based lotions, creams and ointments.  Heels, knuckles and elbows are especially susceptible to the winter cold, so also protect them from the elements by wearing long sleeves, gloves and socks.  It’s best to layer clothes so you can remove them before overheating as sweating can cause itchiness and irritation. 

Sun protection is also essential during winter months.  The sand and snow or ice create reflective surfaces for the sun’s rays.  This means they bounce from the ground onto your body, making winter sun a serious cause of concern for sunburns.  Just like summertime, even when clouds cover the sky, skin is at risk of UV exposure and damage.  Many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals, so mineral-based sunscreens are a better choice.  But avoiding the sun, wearing hats and covering the body with protective gear are the best way to keep skin healthy and safe. 

Don’t let the weather get your skin down this year.  Keep your skin moisturized with Moringa-infused creams, protected from the sun and hydrated with the few easy lifestyle tips we shared.  With Natura Veda, beautiful skin year round is at your fingertips.

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz