5 Reasons to Use a Weekly Clay Skin Mask

It’s been a long week and your skin deserves a little TLC.  The daily grind of makeup, sun exposure, dirt and stress can get your skin in a tizzy.  Just like you use the weekend for a little rest and relaxation, you can offer your skin a break with a weekly clay skin mask.  It’s an amazing way to rejuvenate, clarify, brighten and hydrate skin into a more radiant state.  And after that refreshing mask, you and your skin will be ready to take on a new week.

Still need convincing?  Here are 5 reasons you should take up weekly clay skin masks:

Deep Cleaning:  Daily washing and occasional exfoliating are a great start, but to achieve your cleanest, most clear skin, you’ll need a weekly clay mask.  Think of it like deep conditioning your hair or washing your favorite jeans after a few wears.  A clay mask detoxifies skin by extracting impurities.  Our Natura Veda Moringa-Infused Deep-Cleaning Mask blends a variety of clays including Marine, Kaolin and Bentonite.  These clays attract and remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells to cleanse and nourish skin, encouraging new skin cell generation for younger-looking, softer skin.  Our clay mask is perfect for all skin types as it helps rebalance natural oil levels and can prevent and reduce acne.

Firmer, Even Skin Tone:  Skin texture and tone benefit from weekly masks that deliver the right nutrients to skin cells.  Our mask is infused with Moringa, a superfood with over 90 phyto-nutrients including over 40 antioxidants that repair damaged skin.  Along with the natural aging process, the sun and several other factors, skin cell production slows, resulting in sagging, wrinkles and discoloration.  When cells are nourished with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, they regenerate faster and produce skin-tightening collagen and elastin.  This creates firmer, more even skin.

Moisturization:  Hydration is one of the best benefits of a clay mask.  Clay can replenish oils that are lost during daily cleansing and in cooler months of low-humidity.  Because masks penetrate deeply into skin, they are better able to restore moisture.  Our Moringa-infused mask contains over 70% oleic oil, allowing it to penetrate more deeply than most masks, delivering a range of therapeutic grade oils directly to cells. Hydrated cells are happy cells and better able to function, grow, divide and multiple, the secret formula for youthful skin. The result: skin is more plump, supple and smooth.  After a hydrating mask, apply your daytime or nighttime moisturizer to allow even deeper moisturization. 

Glowing Skin:  When you treat your skin right, it shows.  A mask is like dinner and a show for your skin.  When it’s over, you’re left with nourishment and brighter, more radiant skin.  Just like the rest of our bodies, skin requires a change in routine every once in awhile to feel invigorated and refreshed.  A mask is exactly the way to achieve that look and feel.

Relaxation:  Using a mask is a great time to slow down and relax for 20 minutes.  Yup, that’s all it takes.  Use the time to lie down and let your mind drift.  We recommend playing soft music and using cool compresses around your eyes for a calming and refreshing experience.  Let your mask time be a weekly escape from your daily tasks.  As you expel impurities from your skin, do the same with negative thoughts.  As you firm and tone your skin, repair your mind.  As you moisturize your skin, hydrate your mind with positivity.  As you bring out your glowing skin, rediscover your glowing personality.  Breathe and enjoy! 

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz