Skin Care at Every Age

Just like every other aspect of ourselves, skin changes with time.  With age comes many advantages – wisdom, experience and self-confidence to name a few.  Unfortunately there are some disadvantages too.  One of the worse parts about getting older is looking older.  And no other part of the body shows the signs of aging faster than our skin. 

As the most outward layer of our bodies, skin is often your first introduction to the world around you.  They say first impressions last the longest, which is why making a great first impression with our skin is important.  Throughout our lives, skin takes on many new personas, each with their own set of challenges.  But with the right set of skin care tools, beautiful skin doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

We’re dedicating this month on our blog to a discussion of skin care at every age.  Understanding the physiology behind our skin at each age and how to best manage problems is the key to maintaining fabulous skin for a lifetime.  Between hormone surges, a wild lifestyle, stress, sleeplessness and a variety of other intrinsic and extrinsic factors, life takes a toll on our skin in different ways each decade.  We’ll break down what’s happening on the inside during each of these phases and recommend ways to best care for your ever-evolving skin.  Here’s an overview of what’s to come:

Teenage Years:  Hormones are raging, which often causes natural sebum oil production to go into overdrive resulting in oily skin or acne.  Deep nourishment and treatment, along with maintaining the surface health of our skin are essential during this topsy-turvy period for skin.

20s:  These years are all about preserving and protecting our skin for the future and balancing the effects of lingering adolescent problems and a “hard lifestyle” on our skin.  While many of us neglect skin at this age, starting a healthy regimen will ensure beautiful skin throughout the ages.

30s:  As the first real signs of aging begin to appear in the form of laugh lines and crow’s feet, this is a time when most of us get serious about our skin care.  Collagen and elastin production slows as does natural exfoliation.  This calls for some extra love from our skin care routine to stimulate what is no longer happening on its own.

40s:   Hormones take a nose dive in our 40s, usually creating overly dry skin. Deep lines and wrinkles increase and become permanent as cells significantly deteriorate and skin thins around this age.  Also, age spots become more noticeable on lighter skin.  Many of us find that our neck and décolletage are also showing signs of aging in our 40s.

50s and Beyond:  Continued hormonal shifts exacerbate many skin problems in our 50s and beyond.  Extreme dryness, the sagging effects of gravity, redness or inflammation and shifting facial fat pads are among the biggest issues at this age.  Moreover, the health choices we’ve made over our lifetime are most noticeable with maturity so continuing overall good health and wellness practices are vital at this stage.

Many people believe that switching from one skin care product to the next is necessary to address different skin concerns as they age.  However, with the ideal products that nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin, sticking to a regimen that produces results is possible throughout the decades.  Natura Veda’s all-natural skin care system is one such line of products that tackles a variety of age-related skin issues.  With a comprehensive line of 9 completely natural products, Natura Veda is the skin care solution for every skin type at every age.  In fact, it even helps you reverse the age of your skin with a unique blend of phytonutrients and nutraceuitcals. 

Natura Veda is here to make you look and feel your best at every age.  Stay tuned on our blog as we delve deeper into skin care at every age.

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz