Skin Care at Every Age: The Teenage Years

With many life-altering bodily changes happening at once, teenagers often experience a variety of physical shifts that aren’t always pleasant.  From awkward growth spurts that lead to a lack of coordination, to voice changes, the teenage years are plagued with potential embarrassment.   To make matters worse, some of those embarrassing side-effects of teenage hormones may be plastered on your face in the form of pimples, acne and overly oily skin.  Ack!  What is a teenager to do?

First of all, teens should know that breakouts during this time in their lives are very common and very normal.  Even the luckiest and most genetically gifted teens will have some sort of occasional blemish.  Others will have a chronic condition know as acne, which usually causes a variety of pimples, ranging from blackheads and whiteheads, to large puss-filled pustules. 

Acne is most prevalent during teenage years throughout puberty.  At this time, the sebaceous glands mature and are over-stimulated by hormones, specifically the male androgen hormone that is present in both males and females.  The tiny holes that sit atop our skin are called pores and they each connect to under-skin glands via hair follicles.  Sebaceous glands produce natural oil called sebum, which is carried to the surface of our skin through the follicles where a hair is also growing.  While sebum is actually a very healthy and protective oil for our skin, pores sometimes become clogged when follicles are blocked by a clump of dead skin cells and sebum oil.  The area gets infected with bacteria and begins to swell, often turning red. 

Many teenagers also experience excessively oily skin.   This may or may not result in pimples but it can cause a greasy appearance when oil pools up on skin.  This is again due to overactive sebaceous glands that deposit oil on the skin.  Because sebum oil provides a protective shield, a sort of defense layer on top of skin, the oil is not harmful and will not necessarily lead to skin care problems.  However many teens find it unsightly and look for solutions to manage greasiness. 

Preventing and treating acne and oily skin are essential for teenagers, not only to prevent scaring, but also from an emotional perspective.  Acne can be a very depressing and isolating condition for teens.  Since teenage bodies are still growing and developing, it’s just as important to protect their skin as you would any other child.  That means using natural ingredients that will gently address problems without introducing harsh chemicals into their systems.  Natura Veda’s all-natural skin care system that deeply cleans and conditions is a great introduction to a simple and effective skin care regimen. 

An oil-reducing skin care routine should begin with a daily facial cleanser that will gently scrub away bacteria, dirt and excess oil.  With the sanitizing and moisturizing power of coconut oil and plant glycerin, Natura Veda’s Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser is the perfect choice.  Many bar soaps and cleansers strip necessary moisture from skin, but our foaming facial cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Exfoliation is another important step for clearing out pores clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil.  Our Apricot Exfoliant not only reaches deep into pores to suck up dirt and debris, it also deposits nutrients in its wake.  Combined with a weekly Clay Facial Mask to draw out further impurities and nourish deeply into layers of skin, these three products (cleanser, exfoliant and clay mask) will keep skin sanitized and refreshed without harmful toxic chemicals and moisture leaching alcohol products.

A topical moisturization such as our Daily Moisturizing Cream and our Botanical Elixir are a terrific way to round out a teenager’s skin care routine.  Moisturizing is a critical practice to begin as a teenager.  Our moisturizing cream provides skin cells with skin-loving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and amino acids, all stemming from our root ingredient, Moringa oil.  Our Botanical Elixir combines Moringa oil with the incredible Sacha Inchi oil, adding additional essential amino acids to further repair acne-prone damaged skin.  While it may seem counter-intuitive to add oil to oily skin, these healing oils help regulate natural sebum production while tackling pimples too.  Beginning the habit of moisturization and adding a natural at least SPF 15 sunscreen will lay an excellent foundation for a lifetime of healthy, nourished skin.

Surviving the teenage years may be challenging (on many levels!).  But with a great skin care system like Natura Veda, clear and glowing skin is possible. 


Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz