Skin Care at Every Age: 20s

For most of us, our 20s are a period of transition…and we’re having lots of fun in the mean time.  Many people in their 20s are establishing their own lives and identities as adults.  This includes working long hours to prove ourselves at our new job; forming new friendships and relationships where we’re attending parties, and going to restaurants, clubs and bars; and soaking up (too much) sun.  The effects of stress, late nights, drinking, smoking and sun exposure take a toll on our skin.  In fact, many people in their 20s have a variety of skin problems all at once due to their inconsistent, somewhat rough-and-tumble, lifestyle.  Furthermore, the 20s should be when we’re setting the stage for prevention of many age-related skin problems in the future.

In our 20s, some of us still suffer from the lingering effects of teenage skin.  That means we still have the occasional breakout and potentially oily skin.  Many people go to extreme measures during their teens to dry their skin.  Now in our 20s, using such harsh products will create dry, flaky skin and therefore should be avoided.  Also, the wild 20s lifestyle may catch up to our skin or down right confuse our skin.  What happens in our younger years will determine how our skin ages.  Bad habits that start young are hard to break.  That is why it is so important to establish great skin care routines early in life. 

When it comes to skin, prevention is the very best measure within our control.  Prevention includes wearing natural sunscreen every day and not over-exposing our skin to the sun in the first place.  Prevention also entails nutrient-rich skin care products that will protect skin cells from genetic aging, environmental factors and all those less-than-healthy but oh-so-enjoyable things we may be doing to our bodies that contribute to premature aging.  Preserving our resilient, youthful skin begins in our 20s – it’s almost like we’re training our skin to freeze time.

To stop the clock, you’ll need some powerful natural products.  Natura Veda is here to help!  Our skin care system is designed to help reverse damage and maintain the health and integrity of beautiful young skin.  The system includes a fantastic Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser that lightly sanitizes and clears away dirt and oil from the skin.  Our Hydrating Mist is a refreshing dose of hydration for skin that helps lock in moisture as we sometimes experience our fist bout of dry skin in our 20s. 

If moisturizing wasn’t part of our skin care routine in the past, it certainly should be added in our 20s.  Natura Veda moisturizers are designed for specific purposes: daytime use, nighttime use and around the eyes where the first signs of aging will likely occur within the next decade.  Moisturizing day and night, along with using sunscreen, will protect and preserve skin and will also balance skin that is sometimes oily and sometimes dry.  More importantly, Natura Veda’s formula is based on none other than the most nutritious superfood in the world, Moringa.  The incredible oil from the Moringa plant delivers powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals, protein and other phyto-nutrients directly to skin cells to strengthen them now and for the future.  Another terrific way to nourish and safeguard youthful skin is through a weekly clay mask like our Moringa-infused Clay Mask, which blends a variety of clays, plant sulfurs and essential oils to draw out impurities and detoxify skin cells. 

Balance, prevent, and preserve are the key words of our 20s.  While we’re having a blast, we need to remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, especially when it comes to skin.  If we protect our most visible asset in our 20s, we’ll certainly look back and thank ourselves later in life.

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz