Skin Care at Every Age: 30s

Our 30s mark a period of more stability and maturity.  We’ve sowed our wild oats and most of us are settling down with families, feel secure in our jobs and find a sense of purpose for ourselves.  This is usually a time of self-confidence when we’re young enough to get out and enjoy all life has to offer, but old enough to know our limits. 

While our personal lives may have stabilized a bit by our 30s, our skin is facing the first true signs of aging.  Usually, it creeps up on us around our eyes, where we start to see crow’s feet.  We may see worry lines forming on our foreheads and laugh lines around our lips and cheeks.  Gravity takes effect and starts pulling skin down.  Lack of sleep may cause puffiness under the eyes.  All of these unwanted signs of aging occur because cell turnover begins to slow.  We’re not producing that skin plumping collagen and elastin with as much gusto and even protective sebum oil production is less frequent. 

There are three major skin care practices that are essential during our 30s:  1) Exfoliate more often, 2) Eat and absorb antioxidants and 3) Use Retinol products.  Let’s start with exfoliation.  In our teens and 20s, skin naturally exfoliates about twice and month.  During our 30s, skin exfoliation slows to less than once a month, about every35 days.  What doesn’t happen automatically can happen manually using our Natura Veda Moringa-Infused Apricot Exfoliant.  Jojoba and apricot beads gently remove dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the face and that have settled deeply into pores, while plant sulfurs help soften skin tissue. 

Antioxidants are nature’s best anti-aging nutrients.  Eating antioxidants helps crush free radicals that enter our body and cause damage to bodily cells.  Absorbing them through our skin care products has the same effect for skin cells – it protects, repairs and restores them to excellent condition for our best appearance.  For skin, antioxidants help stimulate some areas that are losing momentum, like collagen production, sebum oil production and cellular regeneration. Fortunately, Natura Veda skin care products are bursting with antioxidants, starting with our root ingredient, Moringa oil.  As one of the most nutrient-dense plants know to humankind, Moringa tops the list of ingredients with the highest concentration of antioxidants.  And they are as diverse as they are intense.  These include an alphabet of vitamins, carotenes, zeatin, quercetin, and chlorophyll to name a few.  In all, there are upwards of 40 antioxidants in Moringa oil, making it an essential ingredient for all of your skin care products. 

In addition to a Moringa-Infused Daily Moisturizing Cream, Natura Veda offers two Moringa-Infused Nighttime Repair options with retinol: a Moisturizing Cream and an Eye Serum.  Retinol is one of the strongest non-prescription ingredients for repairing damaged skin.  Like antioxidants, retinol helps make up for some of the natural processes that are slowing in our skin.  Retinol supports new blood vessels in the skin, revitalizing a source of nutrients, hydration and oxygen to skin cells.  It promotes collagen to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the appearance of discoloration and sun spots.  As a whole, retinol heals cells damaged by the sun and other environmental exposures. 

Along with continuing the use of sunscreen and practicing smart sun exposure habits, our 30s should include much exfoliation, antioxidants and retinol.  As we enjoy these wonderful years between youth and old age, our skin can continue to maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance. 

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz