Natura Veda Spotlight: Age-Defying Moringa-Infused Nighttime Repair Eye Serum

As we stare at our own reflection day-after-day in the mirror, we usually notice our own early signs of aging.  For most people, it creeps in around the eyes first where skin tends to be thinner and gravity’s effects are more noticeable.  Fine lines known as crow’s feet, droopy eyelids, puffiness and dark circles are among the most drastic symptoms of aging around the eyes.  While these facial changes are most noticeable to ourselves, we begin to wonder, do my friends, family and strangers see this too? 

Certainly your eyes are among the first aspect anyone would notice upon talking to you so you want your eyes, and entire face, to look as vibrant and youthful as, well, you feel!  Natura Veda’s comprehensive line of skin care products works diligently to naturally reverse signs of aging and restore a tenderer, smoother, more radiant look to your face.  Specifically for the critical area around the eyes, we have developed a unique eye cream to address each of the common age-related skin issues around the eyes. 

Natura Veda’s Age-Defying Moringa-Infused Nighttime Eye Serum is your ideal solution to naturally reduce wrinkles, sagging, discoloration and puffiness.  Our proprietary formula combines bio-active nutraceuitcals including essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, peptides, botanical oils, CoQ10, a slew of vitamins and minerals, Retinol and our not-so-secret ingredient, Moringa Oil, to deeply nourish, repair and restore a youthful appearance to delicate areas of the skin.  These ingredients work in concert to stimulate blood flow to reduce redness, dark circles and a dull, tired look, while also encouraging a more rapid production of skin-firming collagen and elastin that slows as the body ages. 

The wonders of our eye serum begin with our baseline component, Moringa Oil.  Moringa Oil is one of the best gifts you can offer your skin, and entire body for that matter.  Although the Moringa plant has been used for centuries for its nutritive and healing properties, it has just recently become the star ingredient in many beauty and skin care products.  The reason is pretty simple, or should we say, natural.  Moringa contains over 90 phyto-nutrients including antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help strengthen cells to perform at their optimal level.  With age, cells begin to slack off a bit, but giving them a dose of Moringa nutrients helps revive their once youthful energy.  When it comes to skin cells, that’s vitally important.  Not only does Moringa help nourish cells, it also protects them from future damage.  Moreover, Moringa oil has a high oleic acid content allowing it to permeate deeply into the skin to deliver powerful nutrition. 

Our eye serum meant for overnight use also contains therapeutic-grade Retinol.  This is the most potent non-prescription ingredient for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.  Most dermatologists and skin care experts recommend using a nighttime eye cream with retinol.  So what is this awesome stuff?  Retinol or retinoid is a derivative of Vitamin A that helps clear pores, tighten and brighten skin, and encourages cellular regeneration.  The really good news about retinol is that it’s all natural and it works fast.  When you notice signs of aging around the eyes, you’re going to want to take quick action.  Or better yet, use it before you see eye issues to avoid them in the first place.  Retinol should only be used at nighttime as it can interact negatively with the sun causing burns or rashes. 

Despite the name, Natura Veda’s Age-Defying Moringa-Infused Nighttime Eye Serum is not only for the eyes.  It can be used in other age-sensitive areas too, such as around the mouth, on the forehead and on the neck.  It should be used in conjunction with Natura Veda’s gentle foaming facial cleanser, hydrating mist and Moringa-infused nighttime moisturizing cream as part of your regular evening skin care routine. 

Zap those crow’s feet, under eye bags and bumps overnight with our incredible eye serum.  Then, when you look in the mirror the next day, you can thank yourself for taking such good care of your skin. 

Erin Stieglitz
Erin Stieglitz