Our Certified Organic Moringa Farm

USDA Certified Moringa Fresh from our Farm in the Fertile Lands of Ecuador

Moringa Source is committed to providing customers with the highest quality Moringa products and raw material available on the market. To meet our strict quality standards, we grow. harvest and process Moringa on our own USDA certified organic farm in Guayas Ecuador. We proudly guide our Moringa from seed to shelf.

Why Ecuador?

Ecuador, located in South America right on the equator, is a small country where one can enjoy all four seasons at any time simply by changing altitude. Ecuador has very consistent weather and is ideal for agriculture because of the stability of the weather. Our farm looks out onto an irrigation canal and benefits from two rivers that cross the property.

We chose the Guayas province for its tropical temperatures. Positioned approximately 45 miles from the Pacific coast, we enjoy temperatures of 80º to 85º F year round. The area is teeming with wildlife and has excellent water availability. The province is agricultural and we have access to dedicated and experienced workers.  

Our goal in Ecuador is to do good while doing well. We believe in responsible farming and in being a member of the local community. We strive to be good stewards of the land.

Moringa Source LLC is USDA certified organic and we control the quality of our Moringa powder and oil from planting through processing. Unlike most companies with USDA certification, we are certified for both our farm in Ecuador and our manufacturing facility in the USA. The products that we bring to our customers stands second to none.