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Interested in buying hot new products in bulk for your store?

Natura Veda offers wholesale and Bulk purchase options at low minimums! We offer all of the newest most popular nutritional, weight-loss and skin care products available on the market today! Now Featuring Moringa oleifera, Garcinia cambogia, Green coffee bean, and Raspberry ketones.

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The registration process is free, easy and only take a few moments. Use the link below to complete the registration process. Upon completion of your registration you will receive an e-mail notification outlining our pricing and other relevant information. Feel free to contact us at +1 800-746-0309 (Toll Free) with any questions you may have regarding wholesale registration.

Natura Veda offers all of our products, at wholesale prices with low minimums! Wholesale distributors receive a 50% discount off initial purchases, with understanding the initial order is over a $100.00 in value after discount is applied. Distributors receive a 40% discount thereafter unless other promotional offers are provided. We require a minimum purchases of six units per product to remain as an active wholesale distributor.  As an added incentive to our partners all purchases exceeding $250.00  value receive free shipping within all US territory.  

Wholesale accounts are automatically activated upon completion of the registration form. Orders typically take 1-2 days to process. For private labels please allow specific leeway time based on personal requests and stock availability.

Natura Veda is the wholesale division of Moringa Source, LLC, a worldwide leader in Moringa oleifera consumer and commercial products. We also supply supplement manufacturers with organic bulk raw materials and offer private labeling services to a large number of re-sellers worldwide. In addition, we now have an amazing Affiliate program for re-sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Our 55 Acre USDA Organic farm located in the fertile lands of Ecuador, currently produces 3-5 Tons of premium moringa leaf powder and tea each month. The quality, color and aroma of our nutrient-dense powder can not be matched by our foreign competitors who lands have been over farmed and depleted of the essential nutrients that moringa needs to flourish.

Because we are fully integrated and in full control of our Moringa product from seed to shelf, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum and then pass those savings on to you. Over the years we have invested heavily in new product development, R&D and new highly qualified team members, such as Chemists, Bio-Chemists and product Formulators. In addition, we have expanded our customer service team to include bi-lingual representatives. The work that we have done allows you to provide your customers with excellent service and access to the most comprehensive line of all-natural Moringa Product available worldwide.

The world of Moringa is exciting and it continues to grow year after year. Our current moringa wholesale distribution network extends across 5 continents and encompasses well over 45 Countries. We continue to establish strategic relationships with a large number of health and beauty product manufacturers across the globe, who are seeking bulk and wholesale quantities of high quality moringa products for their own formulations.

Unlike many other “Fad Super-foods” you can be assured Moringa is here to stay, we have built an entire business on this amazing botanical herb and will continue to bring you new, cutting edge, innovative products based on Moringa oleifera natures “miracle tree”.

In addition we also carry an extensive line of weight management supplements, personal care products and hair care products that will help you to expand and grow your business.


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